长江后浪推前浪 NBA新王之争

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                            "The Greek Freak, I think, is a force," Durant said in 2017. "His ceiling is probably — he could end up being the best player to ever play if he really wanted to. That's pretty scary to think about."


                            What's even scarier? Since Durant made those comments a year and a half ago, Antetokounmpo has added more than 20 pounds of muscle. The Bucks have catapulted to the top of the NBA this season, with coach Mike Budenholzer's five-out system spacing the floor for Antetokounmpo to attack the rim with ease.


                            He won the NBA's Most Improved Player Award in 2017, and he has been named the league's player of the month three times. He has made the All-NBA Second Team twice, and he was voted into his third All-Star game this season, this time a captain. Perhaps a less formal decoration — the title of best player in the league — is not far off.It's easy to forget Antetokounmpo is only 24 and he is still getting better — even though he already is in the MVP conversation.


                            Luka Doncic, at 19 years old, already has earned his way into LeBron James' excive company, in terms of all-around production as NBA teens. Nobody else compares.He arrived in the NBA as the most hyped European prospect ever, and he has exceeded expectations so far with the Dallas Mavericks, who expedited their rebuilding process in part because Doncic is already a dominant force.


                            "I love the fact that he loves carrying the load," Dallas coach Rick Carlisle said Sunday after Doncic scored 13 of his 28 points in the fourth quarter to lead the Mavs to a comeback win over the visiting Portland Trail Blazers. "He has great belief in himself, and he's one of these dynamic young players that has the charisma to give his teammates confidence."

                            “我欣赏他愿意承担责任的事实,” 达拉斯小牛教练里克卡莱尔在东契奇在第四节拿到他28分中的13分,带领球队逆转取胜到访的波特兰开拓者队。“他有很强的信念,他是那些最具活力球员中的一位,他有那份给球员自信的魅力。”

                            Doncic was a proven winner before he played a minute in the NBA, having led Slovenia to a EuroBasket championship and Real Madrid to Spanish league and Euroleague titles. He possesses the intangible quality required to have a chance to take over the title as the NBA's best player: the ability to thrive under pressure.



                            When running through a list of the things that would allow a player to become the face of the NBA today, Joel Embiid checks every one of them.


                            For starters, he is a tremendous player. Despite missing two full seasons and most of a third with injuries, the 24-year-old is one of the NBA's most gifted stars. He is an efficient hub of the Philadelphia 76ers' offense and a massive anchor of the team's defense, making him one of the league's most valuable players. His ascent has been the biggest reason the 76ers have risen from the rubble of The Process to one of the league's elite teams.


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