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                            Austin Rivers had heard the rumblings about Chris Paul.


                            Rivers, who knows Paul's game as well as any of the Houston Rockets after playing with him for three and half seasons with the LA Clippers, didn't see Houston much early in the season but acknowledged, "Everybody's been saying (Paul was) just a little flat or whatever."


                            "(But) since I've been here, he's been pretty damn good," says Rivers, a bargain signing for the Rockets in the buyout market right after Paul suffered a hamstring strain in December that caused him to miss 17 games.


                            "We play through James (Harden) and Chris. We trust those two. Honestly, I'm not just saying this, we still feel like Chris is one of the top-tier point guards in the league. When he's on his A-game like he is now, there's not too many point guards who are better than him."


                            Rockets coach Mike D'Antoni has seen this situation play out before during his time coaching a certain two-time MVP with the Phoenix Suns.


                            "I saw Steve Nash do the same thing," D'Antoni says when asked why he's so optimistic about Paul's future. "Dallas gave (Nash) up for dead, but they didn't know his brains and how much he wanted it and how much he was willing to sacrifice his life to prepare himself to do it.


                            "As long as (Paul) has that, there's no way he's going to get dumber or whatever. ... I'm telling you, he's going to be right there with (the all-time great guards)."


                            Paul's scoring (15.8 points per game) and field goal percentage (41.9) are at career-low levels, but there's no doubt that he has been a dominant force despite inconsistent shooting during the Rockets' recent surge.


                            That trend tracks to even before the current six-game winning streak started with a road win over the Warriors, when Paul had 23 points and 17 assists to lead Houston to a victory without Harden.


                            Paul is averaging 16.6 points, 9.9 assists and 5.6 rebounds in the past 11 games, which coincides with his minutes restriction being lifted following his recovery from the hamstring strain.



                            The Rockets' second unit, with Paul running the show, is dominating opposing benches again like it did last season. His net rating during that stretch is plus-11.7 points per 100 possessions, by far the best of Houston's starters.


                            Since Paul returned to the lineup on Jan. 27, the Rockets have an offensive efficiency of 117.1 when he is on the court and 106.4 when he is off the floor. And according to Second Spectrum, he has created 6.8 "wide open" looks per game for his teammates this season, most in the NBA (that number jumps to 7.4 since Jan. 27, which is also tops in the league during that span).

                            自从1月27日保罗复出后,他在场时火箭的进攻效率达到了117.1,他下场后则为106.4。根据Second Spectrum提供的数据,保罗本赛季每场能为队友创造6.8个空位机会,全NBA最高。(1月27日至今的比赛里,保罗每场能帮队友找到7.4个空位,在同期间依然领衔全联盟。)

                            D'Antoni expresses complete confidence that Paul can continue starring deep into his 30s, much like high-IQ Hall of Fame point guards of the past such as Nash, John Stockton and Jason Kidd.


                            But one major difference between Paul and both Stockton and Kidd is that the men who rank first and second in NBA history in assists were remarkably durable deep into their careers.


                            Stockton missed a total of 22 games in his 19 years, playing every game — only 50 during the 1998-99 lockout season — in 17 different seasons.


                            When Kidd finally won a title at age 38 with the 2010-11 Dallas Mavericks, it marked the sixth straight year he played at least 80 games in the regular season.


                            Paul, on the other hand, missed 21 games in 2016-17, 24 last season and 23 (two to suspension) this season.


                            Rehashing that painful history is pointless for Paul, as relentless a competitor as there is in the NBA. His plan is simple: Keep putting in the work.


                            "One of the things I've always prided myself on is preparation," Paul says. "Freak accidents happen or whatnot. Injuries, they come and go. But preparation is about discipline.


                            I prepare myself every day, every day. If I prepare the way that I know that supposed to, whatever happens, happens."