NBA季后赛 暗流涌动!

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                            There are stresses within the high-stakes games naturally, but there's also another layer that is perhaps unique to this season. It's the pressure of the aftermath and it will mount by the day, by the loss and, oddly in this unusual season, even by the win in some cases.


                            With so many contenders loaded with fragile, big-name free agents and other concerns that are tied to the uncertainty of their finishes, there is more at than just winning. There's also the future and, in these times, that's always on the mind.


                            The Toronto Raptors have lived all season with the Kawhi Leonard cloud on the horizon. Leonard hasn't articulated, well, almost anything. Certainly not what will be most important to him when he has the option to become a free agent this summer.


                            But it's a safe bet that an early exit would not bode well for the Raptors' chances at re-signing him, especially after they changed coaches and retooled the roster to try to bury past playoff disappointments.


                            Boston has all the ingredients of a team that could make the Finals, especially when bigs Al Horford and Aron Baynes are healthy and Jayson Tatum finds a balance between grace and aggression.


                            But if it goes south, it's possible the Celtics could not only lose Irving in July but also be more judicious in an expected trade offer for Anthony Davis in the summer. There's a wide swing of possibilities here that bears watching as the Celtics make their way through the playoffs.



                            Keeping this 60-win team together may hinge on these playoffs. Bringing the core back would likely send the Bucks into the luxury tax next season and beyond. The Bucks haven't paid the luxury tax since 2003, the season they traded Ray Allen for Gary Payton.


                            Is this team close enough to title contention to break that taxless streak or will the Bucks retrofit with cheaper options if there's an earlier-than-expected exit? And how might that crossroads affect Antetokounmpo, who can extend his contract if he wants in 2020? These are topics that are absolutely being discussed within the organization as Milwaukee starts its most promising postseason in decades.


                            Kevin Durant has exuded unhappiness throughout the season for reasons only he can understand, giving rise to the belief that he's playing his last days with the team. If two titles didn't make him happy, will a third only verify his tug toward a new challenge?


                            If you can figure out Durant, send your resume to both the Warriors and Knicks as they are probably interested in hiring you. Either way, their playoff run is carrying some extra baggage.

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