NBA总决赛第二场 勇士的救赎?

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                            Never mind that the Golden State Warriors implemented the theft with a 109-104 Game 2 victory under the bright lights of the Scotiabank Arena in front of 19,800 incredulous witnesses wearing red shirts and the stupefied daze of a crowd that just had their wallets swiped.


                            They withstood a trio of scares: when Steph Curry briefly retreated to the locker room to address flu-like symptoms or dehydration, depending on whom you asked; when Iguodala left the floor after being powdered by a stout Marc Gasol screen; and when Klay Thompson crumpled to the court after injuring his hamstring early in the fourth quarter.


                            Nonetheless, the champions cranked into overdrive with such ferocity and cold-blooded efficiency, it was as if the Toronto Raptors were unsuspectingly mugged in a dark alley after midnight.


                            Thompson, leaving with 7:59 remaining and then hobbling to the bench due to left hamstring tightness, still scored a team-high 25 points.


                            Cousins, who provided the help that the two-time defending champions needed to draw even in the series, played more than anyone thought, rebounded more than anyone imagined, defended and scored more than Toronto bargained for, and gave the Warriors what they missed the last 6 1/2 weeks with him on the shelf.


                            Green came close to his fifth straight trip-double with 17 points, 10 rebounds and nine assists. He as well lived up to his vow on limiting Raptors forward Pascal Siakam further.


                            Golden State's supernova, Stephen Curry, watched his first six consecutive offerings roll off or clang short, but it did not deter him from continuing to fire away or from believing the next one would go in.



                            With their most redoubtable players limping to the finish, the Warriors needed — and got — a pair of gigantic 3s from Quinn Cook to stay afloat.


                            They needed — and got — some spirited cameo minutes from Andrew Bogut, who had played a grand total of 47 minutes since the start of the second round entering Sunday.


                            They looked to their battered veteran, Iguodala, who was encased in ice postgame to ease the woes of multiple body parts, to seal the victory in the final seconds with a dagger 3-pointer.


                            During that 18-0 beatdown, the Raptors missed eight straight shots and turned the ball over five times. They rushed, they pressed, and they crumbled under the weight of Golden State's incessant pressure.

                            在那波18-0的势头中 ,猛龙8投0中,出现五次失误,在金州勇士的持续高压下 ,他们乱了脚步,迷失了方向。

                            By the time Fred VanVleet stemmed the hemorrhaging with a corner 3 midway through the third quarter, the Raptors had gone 5:40 without scoring.


                            This is what coach Steve Kerr's team does when it discovers its collective rhythm, feeding off a savage defense that clamps down with impunity, extracts turnovers and transforms them into transition artistry that douses the spirit of even the most resilient opponent.

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